Transitional Kindergarten

Transitional Kindergarten - Four Year Old Program
The Transitional Kindergarten is the 1st year of a two year program to prepare students for success academically, socially and spiritually. Students will engage in developmentally appropriate activities in foundational skills, language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, movement and arts. These concepts will be encompassed through cross-curricular, integrated units. Student will matriculate to Kindergarten from the Transitional Kindergarten the following September.

Why St. Elizabeth?


The Administration, faculty, and staff, in colloboration with parents, prepare our students to become responsible life-long learners. We provide an atmosphere where Christian values are modeled and developed. Our student body is made up of diverse backgrounds and ethnicity, providing our students with an environment rich in cultural diversity.


St. Elizabeth is fully accredited through WASC/WCEA. The accreditation confirms our commitment to excellence in education. St. Elizabeth follows the Los Angeles Archdiocese standards and guidelines in addition to the California state standards.

Highly qualified teachers support this commitment by organizing curriculum in accordance with the approved standards. Teachers regularly check students' level of understanding of the benchmarks established for each grade level. Lessons, methodology and assessment are designed to address multiple learning styles.

St. Elizabeth Parish School encourages each student to strive for excellence, offering curriculum that is challenging, yet supportive.

The core curriculum includes religion, language arts, math, science, and social studies. In addition art, music, physical education and computer science are integrated into the curriculum. Each curriculum area is studied and evaluated as part of the process for school improvement in accordance with the WASC/WCEA accreditation.

Matriculation and Tuition

Our matriculation rates to prestigious higher learning institutions are extremely successful and we do so with very reasonable tuition rates in comparison to other schools in the community!