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Application Process

Steps to securing enrollment at St. Elizabeth Parish School:

  1. Schedule a School Tour with Dr. Phyllis Cremer, School Principal

Three ways to make an appointment with Dr. Cremer:

  1. Call the School Office, 626.797.7727 or
  2. Text the Principal, 909.493.5219
  3. Send an email to the Principal, [email protected]

  1. Submit the following documents:
  1. Birth Certificate
  2. Immunization Record
  3. Baptism Certificate (not required for entry to school)
  4. Report Card for Fall 2020-June 2021
  5. Standardize Test for Fall 2020-June 2021
  6. On-line Student Application,
  7. Confidential School Rating form
  8. NEI Scholarship application and 2020 or 2021 tax returns

*Documents needed be submitted by Monday, February 7th to be scheduled 

for testing and an interview

  1.   Schedule a time for testing and interview with Dr. Cremer 

          and appropriate faculty

  1. Fall Admits - February 7-24, 2022.  The student will be tested before an interview will be scheduled with the homeroom teacher during the month February for *March Decisions. A Decision Letter will mailed by March 4 and the $375 registration, non-refundable fee due March 15 to secure enrollment for Fall 2022.

  1. New Family Orientation Meeting on Wednesday, April 26 at 6:00pm