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PTO Board

Parent Teacher Organization (PTO)

PTO President is Pete Matus

School Parent  (2023-24 term)

Email address for PTO is: [email protected]


The purposes of the PTO is to:

  • Promote open communication among the parents, teachers and administration
  • Provide support for the principal in his or her role as the administrator of the school program
  • Promote goodwill and cooperation between and among parents, faculty, administration, and parish
  • Direct and coordinate parental support through parent education activities and social functions that build community
  • Help build and enhance the faith community of School and Parish
  • Raise funds for the school
  • Coordinate the service and volunteer programs
  • Lobby for legislation that has a positive impact on the school and its students


In addition, the PTO exists to support the principal and staff in their endeavors to provide quality, Catholic education for all students and to help parents and teachers develop a mutual understanding of and appreciation for the ideals of Catholic education, especially in terms of proclaiming the Gospel message, building community, and educating for service and worship.


PTO Board Members are:

Raquel Alvarado              Marisa Avramovich              Susana Cruz

Gloria Ferris                     Yolanda Galassi                   Elly Gil         

Abby Hankins                  Jacqueline Hidalgo               Liz Jackson

Jackie Loya                      Amie Matus                         Lilia Medrano

Janet Melendez               Crystal Miller                       Alicia Pagan

Dayrin Perez                    Monica Vazquez