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School-Wide Learning Outcomes


The school's SLE's help to guide students academically, socially, and emotionally. Faculty develops curriculum that bring the learning expectations to life for our students. During our  weekly assemblies, students who have demonstrated a specific SLE are recognized with a SPIRIT award.

S - Spirit-Filled Children of God
  • Practice the teachings of Jesus: loving and respecting God, the environment, others and ourselves
  • Pray often and participate in the faith community and the sacramental life of the Church
  • Study and appreciate the scripture and uphold the traditions and tenets of our Catholic faith
  • Know and practice Catholic Social Teachings through Service
P - Prepared Learners
  • Demonstrate competency in grade appropriate academic standards
  • Read for edification, knowledge, and enjoyment
  • Apply study skills by utilizing time and materials wisely and researching effectively
  • Access and apply technology for learning
I - Intelligent and Effective Communicators
  • Read and write fluently
  • Speak and listen effectively
  • Use technology as a tool to enhance communication
R - Responsible Citizens
  • Respect the ideas, beliefs, and opinions of others
  • Display honesty, empathy, confidence, trustworthiness, justice, and self-discipline
  • Understand the importance of contributing locally and globally
I - Inspired Artists and Athletes
  • Engage in creative arts and physical education for edification and enjoyment
  • Recognize that the arts and physical education are integral parts of the development of the "whole person"
  • Use imagination, creativity, and exercise in developing our minds and bodies
T - True Critical Thinkers
  • Apply higher order thinking skills to problem solve both in and out of the classroom
  • Integrate intellect and conscience to make informed decision